With Gladness: Valley Forge

with-gladness-coverThe story Patriot Dreams is the only tale in With Gladness that isn’t set around or on Christmas Day. Why? (And why is it in a Christmas book?) We’ve got answers…

Patriot DreamsĀ is a winter story. It’s set early in 1778. Why not Christmas 1777? Because the Continental Army arrived at Valley Forge on December 19, 1777, and the officers’ wives did not visit the encampment until several weeks later. Thus, if I’d set the story at Valley Forge Christmas, it would be a big historical mistake to have Mrs. Patton arriving to visit a well-established camp.

This blog post shares some of the historic winter setting of the story. There wouldn’t have been Christmas decorations at Valley Forge in 1777, but, if you’re curious, Revolutionary War Era decorations would have been pretty much the same as the colonial era and you can catch those details in last week’s post. Continue reading