10 Things You Should Know About Fort Fisher

At the top of the page, it said January 1865. Smoothing the wrinkles, I first looked for the poetry column…

Unfortunately, there wasn’t a poem in this copy. On the back page was a shocking report about some bad Confederate raiders. I didn’t want to read that and turned to the front page. The headline caught my eye. A fort – Fort Fisher – had been captured by Union soldiers. The port of Wilmington closed, meaning no ships could go in or out. The article explained that Wilmington had been an important port for blockade runners, but it didn’t explain what those were. (Lighthouse Loyalty, Chapter 5)

In Lighthouse Loyalty, a historical fiction book, young Susan Rose Arnold reads old newspapers and wonders about the recently ended American conflict, the Civil War. One afternoon she reads about Fort Fisher and Wilmington’s port, which played important roles in the maritime aspects of the war.

If you’ve been curious for details, here are 10 things you should know about Fort Fisher: Continue reading

Augustus Walley’s Medal of Honor

After my researching for my introduction blog post last week, I was interested in the comparatively large number of Medal of Honor awards given to the Buffalo Soldiers and decided to do some reading on the topic. Also, I wanted to know more about Augustus Walley; I’d found and used his photograph in last week’s article and I felt compelled to learn more about him and how he won his Medal of Honor.

It’s an amazing story. So, today I am privileged to share the story of Augustus Walley, an American hero. Continue reading