10 Things You Should Know About Queen Margaret of Anjou

Queen Margaret of Anjou is a controversial queen in English History. Depending who wrote the account and which politics were preferred, she was either depicted as an awful woman or a noble character. It’s safe to say she was determined.

Here are ten things you’ll want to know about this queen who rallied armies to the battlefields to fight for the crown and who serves as a reminder that life doesn’t always turn out the way we’d like:

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10 Things You Should Know About Queen Philippa of Hainault

This queen’s power as Regent of England and her influence on the court and country are often overshadowed by the military happenings and disease sweeping through Europe during her lifetime. Queen Philippa of England has been “lost” in many history books, and even her image may have been significantly altered through the centuries.

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Tea With Sarah: It’s All About The Medieval Era

Good afternoon, it’s time for tea!

I’m trying out a new recipe in the kitchen today. It’s a sponge cake with a whipped cream frosting and strawberries for Mother’s Day celebrations! I think it would be good with a cup of tea, too…

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10 Things To Know About Eleanor of Acquitaine

Queen of France and England, but at different times, Eleanor of Acquitaine became a powerful figure in 12th Century Western Europe. Praised or censored, loved or hated, noble or slandered as common, the truth about Eleanor of Acquitaine lies somewhere in the middle of how her friends and enemies perceived her.

I just finished reading a fascinating biography about this Medieval Queen and made a short list of the top ten things I think we should all know about Queen Eleanor. (The book is an older publication, 1967, entitled Eleanor of Acquitaine by Regine Pernoud, if you interested in a more in-depth biographical study.) Continue reading

An Interview With Jim Hodges About Historical Audiobooks

Jim HodgesLooking for some quality Medieval stories that actually teach accurate history? What if you could enjoy them as audiobooks? Jim Hodges Audiobooks provides a perfect solution!

Recently, Sarah Kay Bierle interviewed Jim Hodges, asking about his audiobooks, love of history, and educational ideas. Jim Hodges began recording great literature in 1999, after a 20 year career in the U.S. Navy; since then he’s been a frequent vendor at homeschool conventions across the country and a world-wide traveler always on a quest for more history and stories.

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What Are “The Middle Ages”?

Battle of Crecy, 1346We’re familiar (or at least we think we are) with aspects of life from the Middle Ages. You know, castles, knights in shining armor, tournaments, kings! If we’re scholarly, we might consider the crusades, the Hundred Years War, the Moors in Spain, the Knights Templar, and the Great Schism.

This month (February 2016) the historical theme of the month on Gazette665 is “Chivalry or Medieval Madness?” And we’ll be explore some of the more famous aspects of the era and deciding if the historical period has been totally romanticized or if it really was a time of unparalleled bravery and beauty.

But first, there’s kind of a problem. Just what is the historical period called “The Middle Ages”? There’s all kinds of ideas and history floating around about this era. When was it?  Let’s explore (and debate)… Continue reading