10 Things You Should Know About Queen Philippa of Hainault

This queen’s power as Regent of England and her influence on the court and country are often overshadowed by the military happenings and disease sweeping through Europe during her lifetime. Queen Philippa of England has been “lost” in many history books, and even her image may have been significantly altered through the centuries.

Today, we’ll uncover ten things you should know about this remarkable queen: Continue reading

10 Things You Should Know About Berengaria of Navarre

If history books mention this queen at all, it’s often only to repeat the legend with a little truth that she was Queen of England, but never set foot on English soil. How did that happen? Or did it?

Read on to discover ten important facts about this remarkable woman, the legends and shadows of her history, and the known details of her life and brief reign as England’s “unseen” queen. Continue reading

10 Things To Know About Eleanor of Acquitaine

Queen of France and England, but at different times, Eleanor of Acquitaine became a powerful figure in 12th Century Western Europe. Praised or censored, loved or hated, noble or slandered as common, the truth about Eleanor of Acquitaine lies somewhere in the middle of how her friends and enemies perceived her.

I just finished reading a fascinating biography about this Medieval Queen and made a short list of the top ten things I think we should all know about Queen Eleanor. (The book is an older publication, 1967, entitled Eleanor of Acquitaine by Regine Pernoud, if you interested in a more in-depth biographical study.) Continue reading

Lights On The Coasts

It’s time to start another subject in our series 19th Century American Maritime. For the next three months on Wednesdays, we’ll be talking about lighthouses.

Today, we’ll start with a very quick review of some lighthouse history, going back to ancient times, the middle ages, and the early modern era. We’ll briefly discuss the importance of lighthouses and conclude with a short introduction to lighthouses in America. Of course, in the following weeks, we’ll delve more deeply into American lightkeeping.

Why lighthouses? Hint: a new novel – coming soon! Continue reading

A Knight & His Weapons & Chivalry

knightly-armorA Knight in Shining Armor is probably one of the most memorable images that comes to mind when thinking of the Middle Ages. A knight defended his king or feudal lord, sometimes riding to battle, going on a crusade, or defending a castle. And just how does he fit into our quest to see if it’s an age of Chivalry or Medieval Madness? Read on…

The path to knighthood was rigorous and not allowed for just anybody. Once he attained warrior status, the knight had to be ready to use his weapons in defense of honor and chivalry. Chivalry – that strange term I keep using…well, today I’m going to define it in the Medieval definition. Continue reading

To The Castle!

carnarvon-castleSo you’ve always wanted to live in a castle?

Come on, girls, at some point in time you thought this (probably before you started actually doing housework).

Guys, doesn’t a big massive room filled with your armor, weapons, and hunting trophies sound cool?

Today, we present you with a brief history of castles and some details of what it was like to live in one back in the Middle Ages. Will you still want to live in a castle by the end of the article? (We want to know in a comment!) Continue reading