What Are “The Middle Ages”?

Battle of Crecy, 1346We’re familiar (or at least we think we are) with aspects of life from the Middle Ages. You know, castles, knights in shining armor, tournaments, kings! If we’re scholarly, we might consider the crusades, the Hundred Years War, the Moors in Spain, the Knights Templar, and the Great Schism.

This month (February 2016) the historical theme of the month on Gazette665 is “Chivalry or Medieval Madness?” And we’ll be explore some of the more famous aspects of the era and deciding if the historical period has been totally romanticized or if it really was a time of unparalleled bravery and beauty.

But first, there’s kind of a problem. Just what is the historical period called “The Middle Ages”? There’s all kinds of ideas and history floating around about this era. When was it?  Let’s explore (and debate)… Continue reading