1862: “Mud Took The Military Valor…”

…We encountered one of the most powerful allies of the enemy, particularly during the winter and spring campaigns in Virginia, – MUD. No country equals a Virginia road for mud. We struck it thick, and sometimes knee-deep. It was very “heavy marching.” The foot sank insidiously into the mud, and came out again reluctantly; it had to be coaxed, and while you were persuading your left, the willing right was sinking as deep. The noise of the walking was like that of a suction-pump when the water is exhausted. Continue reading

1862: “Now That Begins To Look Like Business”


January 18, 1862

I visited Washington to-day, through such rain and such mud, as no civilized country, save this, can sustain, and preserve its character for purity. Am back tonight. On my return, I find on my table the following:

General Order No. 11

Headquarters, &c.

When the time arrives for the troops of this Brigade to move, the following will be the allowance of the means of transportation: Continue reading