Announcing A New Book: Lighthouse Loyalty

Gazette665 is pleased to announce the upcoming publication of a new historical novel by Sarah Kay Bierle.

Lighthouse Loyalty

Nine-year-old Susan Rose Arnold isn’t sure if she will like living at a new lighthouse location along the Long Island Sound. She’s had to leave her best friends behind, and her strange uncle will be living with her family to help Father with lighthouse duties. Continue reading

Announcing A New Book!

Here’s the official announcement:Blue, Gray & Crimson: A Story of Civilian Courage at Gettysburg

I wrote a book! It’s called Blue, Gray & Crimson: A Story of Civilian Courage at Gettysburg and it will be released in Summer 2015.

I’ve been working on this project for a while. Many hours of research, planning, writing, and editing have gone into this project.

Please visit the new pages here on Gazette665 to learn more about the book, the author, the “story behind the story”, and historical details.

Oh, did I say historical details? I’m actually starting something new here on Gazette665. Starting this week, we’ll have “Back to Gettysburg on Tuesdays.” This will be a short, weekly blog post about something Gettysburg related; it might be some extra history, a historical detail included in the coming book, or something I found really interesting during my research. (Yes, the monthly themed posts will continue on Fridays.) I hope you’ll look forward to “Back to Gettysburg on Tuesday” as much as I’ve enjoyed planning and preparing these posts.

Your Historian (and Author),

Miss Sarah

P.S. Will you be looking forward to “Back to Gettysburg on Tuesdays”?