New Market: “Send In The Boys”

Finally. It’s time to discuss the Virginia Military Institute Cadets’ role in the Battle of New Market – how they rushed to The Fence, filled the gap in the line, and then…

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In addition to talking about the historic happenings, this video includes footage filmed on New Market battlefield, including a walk to The Cannon. Then we’ll reflect on what the Cadets at New Market means and how it is still inspirational 155 years later.

Send In The Boys

Video Highlights

  • What the VMI Cadets did when they received orders on May 15, 1864
  • Fight at the fence
  • The Cadets’ Charge
  • Footage from New Market Battlefield State Historical Park
  • Discussion about what the Charge means

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New Market: Bushong Lines

Part of the topography at the Confederate line along Bushong Field, modern view.

Okay, I broke down and had to explain these battle lines in detail… This video is a lot of “this regiment was here, this regiment was there.” But, then we’ll give you the boots on the ground, real soldier perspective too. (Or you can just skip ahead to see the maps and hear those accounts.)

It’s crucial to understand the Union and Confederate unit alignments along the Bushong Lines (third Union defensive position). To avoid explaining at the beginning of each “action video,” we take the time to explain it. Once! Then just reference back in the future.

You just might find this much more interesting and informative than you imagine…

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New Market: River Road

River Road

Civilian road. Less than ideal military position. Scene of the second Union defensive position during the Battle of New Market.

This new video addresses the location of Colonel Moor’s regiment’s fall-back position after retreating from Manor’s Hill. You’ll also “meet” Von Kleiser’s artillery battery and learn why they are short one gun later in the fight at Field of Lost Shoes. That long Confederate battle line kept advancing, pushing the fighting Union troops toward yet another defensive position farther north.

But that’s just the military side of the story. There’s a great tale of battlefield preservation that’s part of the River Road saga and the latter part of the video addresses this modern victory!

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New Market: Shirley’s Hill & Manor’s Hill

A modern view of Shirley’s Hill

Well, at long last, we’ve made it to the opening shots on May 15, 1864, in our video series about the Battle of New Market.

This new video addresses the troop positions, Sigel’s divided army, Breckinridge’s big decision, the advance, and the first time the Cadets from VMI came under fire. In addition to maps and history discussion, you’ve find some video clips filmed on location on the two hills.

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New Market: May 13-14, 1864

Should we consider New Market a three day battle? It’s a question open for debate.

Traditionally, the battle date for New Market has only been May 15, 1864, but important military actions and battling skirmishes occurred on the two previous days which are key to understanding the larger-scale fighting. Today’s video dives into the set-up history, exploring how the opening conflicts staged the main battle and why its important understand these foundational moments in New Market history.

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New Market: The March To The Battlefield

An impressive image of Franz Sigel (Library of Congress)

So…how did the Union and Confederate soldiers get to New Market? (Hint: they marched.) And at what point did they know there would be a battle there?

Today’s video explores the routes, speeds, and objectives of the armies as they approached battle on May 15, 1864. It even includes some on-location footage along the Valley Pike and one of the camping areas used by the Cadets.

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