History Read Along – Inferno: The World at War, Chapters 3-4

Welcome back, readers! Whether you’re reading the full history book or just the notes version on the blog, it’s time to dive into Chapters 3 and 4 of Inferno: The World At War and discussion some more World War II history.

As a reminder, the blog notes version are recommended as a resource for children interested in the subject; the book is written for a mature audience.

Here are a few historical notes from the next two chapters in the read-along, and if you need to catch up, here are the notes from last week too! Continue reading

History Read Along – Inferno: The World At War, Chapters 1 & 2

Are you doing the summer read-along? Did you start Inferno: The World At War this past week? I realized I didn’t clarify how many chapters of World War II history I’ll be reading each week in the introductory blog post (sorry!). Just two chapters each week.

We should probably note that this book is not suitable for children, even if they are voracious readers. If you’re looking for World War II history books for children, please check out the booklist on that era’s resource page.

Here are a few historical notes from the first two chapters in the read-along: Continue reading

Tea With Sarah: Living History, Evening Thoughts, & Out For Tea

Good afternoon, it’s time for tea!

Thank you to our blog readers who sent questions to enliven the conversation this weekend. We’ll be talking about living history, historic thoughts, and places to enjoy tea… Brew a cup of your favorite flavors, and let’s inspire each other.

Feel free to share your thoughts or answers to the questions in a comment. It’s always nice to hear from readers!

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It’s Official – Blue, Gray & Crimson Is Now Available!

Blue, Gray & Crimson: A Story of Civilian Courage at GettysburgLooking for some easy, insightful summer reading? A family read-aloud? A Civil War story for next school year?

Blue, Gray & Crimson: A Story of Civilian Courage at Gettysburg is one of the first historical fiction novels to focus on the civilian experience in the Gettysburg countryside. (Most Gettysburg fiction has a military or town setting.)

I spent eight months researching Gettysburg civilians, the battle, and the aftermath before I put pen to paper (or hands to keyboard!). And I’m pleased to share the historical facts in an easy to read, entertaining form.

Readers will meet a fourteen year old girl and her family and witness their shock, horror, and confusion as the Battle of Gettysburg explodes on their doorstep. Themes of courage, strong faith, and self-less actions present admirable character qualities throughout the story.

Learn more about the story, the history, and the author HERE!

Blue, Gray & Crimson is available through Amazon and Barnes&Noble.com. Signed copies are available through Gazette665 – CLICK HERE!

Your Historian (and Author),

Miss Sarah

P.S. Questions about the book, research, or writing? I’d be happy to answer any questions in the comments!



10 Books About Ireland

10 Books About Ireland Booklist

Here it is: the booklist to get ready for “A Week in Ireland on Gazette665.”

I’ve raided our bookshelves and borrowed a few other books from the local library and now present you with “10 Books About Ireland” Booklist.

10 Books About Ireland

It’s a compilation of children/family friendly books including picture books, books about the country of Ireland, Irish history, and historical fiction.

Happy Reading!

Your Historian,

Miss Sarah

P.S. You can find your St. Patrick’s Day history and craft HERE. And, of course, lots of Irish history on the blog next week.