1863: “Shall I Send Him Home?”

Jan. 25, 1863

Attended morning service in the lecture room. Mr. Morse read; as usual. Mary and I sat with Mrs. Peter Pierce. She is quite a hopeful in regard to Thomas. They received a letter from him a few days since in which he says he is getting along nicely and will come home as soon as he can get a furlough as the surgeons says he may not be able to be on duty for three months, and may perhaps have a stiff knee. The poor fellow must have suffered much though he does not complain, simply gives a statement of facts. He was wounded at the battle of Murfreesboro on the 31st of December and crawled off the field unassisted. _____ shortly after found him and carried him to a hospital tent but it was so crowded that he could not gain admission, so Tom had to lie on a little straw outside for 24 hours. His regiment was ordered away and he was left among entire strangers. The next day he was taken inside the tent, and on the third day the surgeon dressed his wound. Yesterday Mr. Pierce received a telegram from George saying, Tom at the Hurricane Hospital, shall I send him home? Mr. Pierce replied in the affirmative, so they think he may be here this week. Continue reading