CA History ‘Round The Town: De Portola

Most adults spend a lot of time driving – errands, commuting, going to activities, or visiting. One of the things I’ve always liked to do in the car – even before I started driving – was to the read street names. Often times it can be like “driving through a history book.” When I’m waiting at a stop sign or light, I’ll quiz myself and see if I can remember something important related to the name of the street and cross street. It’s fun!

[Please do NOT be a distracted driver. Always travel safely. And never search on your phone for historical facts while driving!]

Anyway – I live in Southern California, so a lot of street names are in Spanish or are named after important people, places, or things in California history. Gazette665’s historical theme of month for April 2016 is California History ‘Round The Town and I’ve picked 5 street names from around the city and will share about the importance of that name in California History.

Today it’s De Portola Road… Continue reading