1864: “To Continue Our Journey”

Hd. Qr. 1st Divis. D.K.

Prestonburg KY

Friday 23d Sept/64

My dear

We arrived here all in good shape and fine spirits at 10 O.C. a.m. to day and will probably stay here during to morrow and start for Pound Gap Sunday distants 46 miles. We are 95 miles from Mt. Sterling over mountains and very picturesque valleys. Scouts report but a small force at the gap where we expected the fierce resistance. We have no suffered any for a good living. Water and forage and I never was in better health than I am now and improve upon it every day and thus far am pleased with the trip. The road from here to the gap I am told is no worse than that which we have come over. There are very few inhabitants in the mountains and they are a different people from any you ever saw. Many of them go 40-50 miles to get their groceries and necessaries of life. There is seldom more than 15 or 20 acres of level land to be found that can be tilled and that is on some small stream or creek.

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