Hello, Virginia!

The last ten days have been a whirlwind of travel, getting settled, and starting a new job at Central Virginia Battlefields Trust. It’s been amazing to see all the plans come together and also see what surprises God has had as I’ve made this move and am adjusting to expanding Gazette665’s reach while still keeping ties in California!

Yes, Wednesdays are usually for “Searched & Answered” videos, but tonight I wanted to be a little more personal and share some photos from my recent cross-country trek from California to Virginia. Autumn colors were in full burst in different states, and of course, I found plenty of history sites to cram into already long travel days. 🙂

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We’re Moving! (To Virginia, but Coming Back to California)

(Just in case you’re not on our newsletter list…we wanted to make sure you heard the big, exciting news!)

In the summer while near Fredericksburg for the Emerging Civil War Symposium, I wandered over to Pelham’s Corner. It’s a tiny piece of preserved land, sitting at the corner of a modern intersection with cars zipping by at regular intervals. 

However, in December 1862 as the battle unfolded on the 13th, this spot marked the advanced position of a twenty-four year old Confederate artillery officer who hauled a single cannon to this place and sent a raking fire into the attacking Union troops’ flank as they headed to “Stonewall” Jackson’s lines. That artilleryman—Major John Pelham—was noticed by General Robert E. Lee and became a legend, thanks in part to his actions during the Battle of Fredericksburg.

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New Market: Let’s Just Chat… (Conclusion)

We’re wrapping up the New Market Video Series for 2019, and today I’m answering some questions about my research, book tour, and ongoing interest in the history. No lectures today, just some honest, candid musings and thoughts.

I’d love to hear YOUR thoughts about New Market. Don’t make this an awkward one-sided conversation! Leave a comment, question, or something relevant that’s on your mind.

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Announcing A New Book: Lighthouse Loyalty

Gazette665 is pleased to announce the upcoming publication of a new historical novel by Sarah Kay Bierle.

Lighthouse Loyalty

Nine-year-old Susan Rose Arnold isn’t sure if she will like living at a new lighthouse location along the Long Island Sound. She’s had to leave her best friends behind, and her strange uncle will be living with her family to help Father with lighthouse duties. Continue reading