What In The World Happened In 1867?

1867. It’s the historical year of the historical fiction book Lighthouse Loyalty. In chapter eleven, after Uncle Richard’s trip to town, the family reads the news from a newspaper.

Father read about debates on a newly purchased territory of the United States in the far northwest; the paper called it Alaska and said it was just a frozen wasteland. He started to read aloud about Indian fighting on the western plains but then changed to a different column which discussed President Andrew Johnson’s arguments with Congress over Reconstruction – how to rebuild the South after the war. I thought the Indians would’ve been more frightfully exciting than the release of the former Confederate president and increasing tension between the President Johnson and Congress.

Today’s post covers some of the topics they read about and a few other interesting happenings in history during that year. Continue reading

Women Voting In The West

In our series about women going west, we’ve talked about the challenges these women faced and how they worked hard to get a job accomplished. Respectable women were respected in the west; they were important members of their communities.

One particular right was granted to women in the western territories or states – oftentimes decades before that right was adopted by the Federal Government and written as a Constitutional Amendment. It was the right to vote. Continue reading