Those Beautiful Lighthouse Lenses

Ever seen something practical, but it was just so mesmerizingly beautiful you couldn’t stop looking at it? You wanted to see it safe and protected forever as a piece of art…

That’s the way I feel about Fresnel Lenses. They were/are beautifully cut glass lenses used in lighthouses. Many are well over a hundred years old, and happily some of them have found safe homes in maritime or lighthouse museums.

Today, I’ll share briefly about how the lenses worked, a story about Fresnel lenses during the American Civil War, and a couple that I’ve seen in museums. Continue reading

American Lighthouses: Southern & Gulf Coasts

Continuing our “journey” along the American coastlines, we’ve reached the Southern and Gulf Coasts. If you imagine lighthouses with tall towers reaching high toward the clouds, you’re probably remembering these aids to navigation found in tonight’s focus region.

With coastline and necessity dictating the style of the lighthouses and history leaving its mark, lighthouses along the Southern and Gulf Coasts are memorable structures, former homes, and aids to navigation. Continue reading