Tea With Sarah: Talking About World War I

Good afternoon, it’s time for tea!

This month Gazette665’s Friday blog posts have been focusing on World War I, and we’ve been sharing some photos from the conflict on social media, too. Autumn 2018 marks one hundred years since the final campaigns and ending of the first world war. Can we find “tea appropriate” things to talk about on the subject? I think so!

Come join the conversation. Apple pie and caramel tea would be on the menu if this was a real gathering of history fans! Continue reading

Tea With Sarah: Likes & Dislikes About History

Good afternoon, it’s time for tea!

The weather in SoCal has cooled (just a little), and I’ve got autumn activities on the calendar for the next few weeks. If we were really having tea, I think a good black tea with pumpkin spice flavors and maple cookies would be on the menu.

Earlier this week, I was at a party and we played a guessing game where each guest had to list five likes and dislikes and then everyone else had to guess which person had written the card. I thought it might be interesting to put a twist on the question and relate it to history for today’s conversation. Here we go… Continue reading

Tea With Sarah: Summer’s End

Good afternoon, it’s time for tea!

I realize I missed a tea two weeks ago. My apologies. I’ve been working a real job and finishing a manuscript and that weekend I also needed to attend a history event. Writing time has not been as regular as usual, but it’s good to be “here” today.

Now that we’re in the middle of September, summer is definitely coming to an end. (The first day of autumn is actual on the 22nd of this month.) So we’ll be talking about our favorite summer memories and goals for the coming season.

If this was a real tea party, I think we’d have iced spice tea and apples with caramel sauce… Continue reading

Tea With Sarah: Favorite Classic Musicals!

It’s time for tea…

Gather ’round because we’re talking about favorite musicals and keeping with the August theme at Gazette665. Whether you love to see these entertainment gems performed on stage or filmed for the screen, let’s chat about classic musicals with historical inspiration that were Broadway hits.

Does popcorn and orange soda count for “tea food” if we’re watching movies? Continue reading

Tea With Sarah: Christmas In July…

Good afternoon, it’s time for tea!

Walked into a craft or home decor store recently? Did you see holiday items? Some stores have already started getting ready for the Christmas season, and it’s that time for “Christmas in July” sales! (Did you know we’re actually have one of those sales in Gazette665’s store?)

So – though it’s nearly 100 degrees outside, let’s join the trend and talk about Christmas at this July tea. Chilled wassail, anyone?  Continue reading