Searched & Answered: Ulysses S. Grant

He’s the most famous Union general and remembered for his winning strategy that led to his role at Appomattox, accepting the Confederate surrender. Today, we’re answering suggested search questions about Ulysses S. Grant…

We’ll talk about his battles, how he’s remembered, some of his life accomplishments, and the story about how he was forced to change his name. Check out the new video!

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1864: “Do Not Stay In Washington”

(Private and confidential)

Near Memphis, March 10, 1864

General Grant

Dear General:

I have your more than kind and characteristic letter of the 4th, and will send a copy of it to General McPherson at once.

You do yourself injustice and us too much honor in assigning to us so large a share of the merits which have led to your high advancement. I know you approve the friendship I have ever professed to you, and will permit me to continue as heretofore to manifest it on all proper occasions. Continue reading

1863: “The Sight Of The Stars & Stripes Were Very Cheering”

December 8, 1863

Weather still cold, tho’ it has moderated a little. President Lincoln yesterday issued a proclamation recommending that all loyal persons should assemble at their place of worship & render especial homage and gratitude to Almighty God for his great advancement of the National cause. Reliable information being rec’d that the insurgent force is retreating from East Tennessee under circumstances rendering it probable that the Union forces cannot hereafter be dislodged from that important position. Gen. Grant has captured during the war 472 cannons & 90,000 prisoners, having been more successful than any other of our generals. Would that they could follow his example, and have that military skill which is so necessary. Continue reading

10 Things You Should Know About The Reconstruction Era

There’s tons of information about the American Civil War…and somehow it’s easy to sweep the immediate post-war years under the carpet. The Reconstruction Era – as it’s called – was a challenging time in U.S. History. Politics, economy, society, and culture went through upheaval and change. Not all the change was handled well, creating additional conflicts, bitterness, and continued sectional tension.

I’ve found that tough topics are better discussed than ignored. So…for August 2017 we’ll be talking about the Reconstruction every Friday of the month and regularly on Twitter and Facebook. Hopefully, the information will be enlightening and helpful as we try to make sense of the Civil War’s outcomes and how it has effect our modern era.

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1861: “The Victory Was Most Complete”

Gazette665 Blog Series 1861: In Their WordsCairo, November 8th, 1861

Dear Father,

It is late at night and I want to get a letter into the Mail for you before it closes. As I have just finished a very hasty letter to Julia that contains about what I would write, and having something els [else] to do myself, I will have my clerk copy it on to this.

Day before yesterday, I left here with about 3,000 men in five steamers, convoyed by two Gun Boats, and proceeded down the river, to within twelve miles of Columbus. The next morning the Boats were dropped down just out of range of the enemies [enemy’s] Batteries, and the troops debarked – Continue reading