1862: “If We Could Only Be At Home Together Once More…”

Richmond. VA

October 10th 1862

My dear Brothers.

I need scarcely tell you with what ardent love and interest our hearts have followed you during all this long period when you have been so constantly exposed to such danger, hardships, and privation. We have written you whenever there seemed a possibility of letters reaching you, but I suppose very few, if any, of the letters arrived safely. Continue reading

1862: “A Week Of Intense Excitement”

Danville, Va. May 17th, 1862

Saturday Morning

…This has been a week of intense excitement all over our state & not the less so in this quiet town, for it has become so much of a rendezvous for refugees & depot for government stores that we are kept in a state of perpetual excitement – ladies & children have been pouring in from Richmond the past few days – the cars instead of arriving at three or four in the afternoon, do not come till eleven at night & then the poor refugees who come in them have to go all over town to find a shelter for their heads & the town is already full – I can’t imagine where all the people do go to – numbers of ladies sleep on mattresses on the parlour [parlor] floor here every night… Continue reading