“Annie Get Your Gun”

Once upon a time, I received tickets to a community theater to see Annie Get Your Gun for my birthday. Purposely, I didn’t research the history about Annie Oakley because I wanted to thoroughly enjoy it and not sit there thinking “that’s not the way it really happened.” (The curse of being a researcher…)

But there is some historical truth that inspired the stage productions, so here are some details.

Warning… Spoilers ahead! Continue reading

1803: A Great Deal On “New” Land

Portrait of young Napoleon

Portrait of young Napoleon

In 1803, Napoleon Bonaparte needed money. Why? It was peace time, and he was preparing for a new war with Britain. He wanted to invade England, but had to destroy the Royal Navy first (he never did). So Napoleon needed money to build up the French fleet and create his famed Grand Army.

Taking stock of the stuff in his new empire, Napoleon decided that the quick way to get some money would be a sale. Not a garage sale. A land sale. The Americans were willing to negotiate and buy. Continue reading

Considering The Role Of The Buffalo Soldiers (Guest Author)

Noreen Stavinoha

Noreen Stavinoha

Welcome to Gazette665, Noreen Stavinoha! Noreen is our guest author for this month, and her request for more information about the Buffalo Soldier actually prompted the historical theme for March 2016. She is a freelance writer for newspapers and magazines in Texas and has been a wonderful writing mentor to me through the years.

Today, Noreen shares how she became interested in the Buffalo Soldiers and some historical facts she discovered. Continue reading