“Annie Get Your Gun”

Once upon a time, I received tickets to a community theater to see Annie Get Your Gun for my birthday. Purposely, I didn’t research the history about Annie Oakley because I wanted to thoroughly enjoy it and not sit there thinking “that’s not the way it really happened.” (The curse of being a researcher…)

But there is some historical truth that inspired the stage productions, so here are some details.

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Cowgirls In The West

Ask someone to name a symbol for the American West and before long “cowboy” will be mentioned. Since we’re chatting about women in the west, I thought we should talk about cowgirls today.

Where there really cowgirls in the 19th Century or were they sort of an Old West myth? What did they do? How did the idea of cowgirls gain popularity? Here are a few facts and thoughts:

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