1864: “Our Sick & Wounded Will Be Back Here”

Sunday night [July 3, 1864]

Soon after four o-clock this morning I was roused by the sound of bands, & I thought at first I would get up; but I felt that I must see the last of our soldiers as they left us for their grand invasion. I threw on my skirts, a shawl, & without stopping to wash my face, Lal & I ran down to Main St. We stayed two hours, saw Johnnie Mason & Dr. Dixon, told them to come to breakfast;

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Stop Here! Shenandoah Valley Civil War Museum

Heading to Winchester, Virginia to look for a little history or enjoy a weekend getaway? As you wander the historic downtown district in this city about seventy-five west of Washington D.C., you’ll see the old courthouse building which dates back 1840.

An important structure in the local history and a key part of Civil War history in the Shenandoah Valley, the old courthouse now features The Shenandoah Valley Civil War Museum as well as the building’s own fascinating story written on the walls – literally. Let’s stop and take a look… Continue reading

Stop Here! Stonewall Jackson’s Headquarters

While I love the colonial and early American history found in Winchester, Virginia, I learned about this town through Civil War studies. The first time I remember reading about Winchester was in a children’s biography of “Stonewall” Jackson, and in later years, I started researching about families in the town and that general’s time in the area.

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Stop Here! Abram’s Delight – Historic Home Museum

Last week we talked about early colonial history sites to tour in Winchester, Virginia. You just might need to plan longer than a day to explore this wonderful town, located about 75 miles west of Washington D.C. in the pristine Shenandoah Valley.

Today, our tour notes will take you out of the old town district to another important site preserved by the Winchester-Frederick County Historical Society and open for tours from April to October every year. Called Abram’s Delight if offers a glimpse of early settler life and the homes and typical furnishings found in the area during the antebellum period. Let’s stop here and take a look… Continue reading

1863: “The Sight Of The Stars & Stripes Were Very Cheering”

December 8, 1863

Weather still cold, tho’ it has moderated a little. President Lincoln yesterday issued a proclamation recommending that all loyal persons should assemble at their place of worship & render especial homage and gratitude to Almighty God for his great advancement of the National cause. Reliable information being rec’d that the insurgent force is retreating from East Tennessee under circumstances rendering it probable that the Union forces cannot hereafter be dislodged from that important position. Gen. Grant has captured during the war 472 cannons & 90,000 prisoners, having been more successful than any other of our generals. Would that they could follow his example, and have that military skill which is so necessary. Continue reading