Women At The Forts

A few weeks ago one of my brothers was watching a John Wayne movie. This particular film had the classic “young officer falls in love with pretty girl” in the plot and highlighted the role of women in Western military forts. (Sort of.)

That got me curious about the real women who lived at military forts during the 19th Century. And a little research revealed a few interesting facts. There were many respectable wives and daughters who journeyed west and lived at or near the military forts where their husbands or fathers served.

Today’s blog post shares five facts about these pioneer women civilizing the west. Continue reading

9 Things You Should Know About The American Homefront In World War I

If you’ve been following Gazette665 for a while, you’ll know I’m interested in civilian accounts. (If you’re a new follower, welcome…and you just learned one of my “secrets.”) So, as we’re wrapping up our blog series on American entering World War I, it seems only right that we’d have a blog post about civilians and the homefront.

In keeping with the tradition of this series, here’s a list of nine things you’ll want to know about the American homefront during World War I: Continue reading