History Read-Along: Pearl Harbor Christmas, Chapters 7-9

There’s been some talk on our Facebook page and hints that this book might not have been a winning holiday surprise, but we’ll stick with the history reading and continue with the chapter summaries which have been well received. Let us know your favorite holiday history books in the comments and we’ll keep them in mind for next year!

This week we’re reading Chapters 7-9 in Pearl Harbor Christmas by Stanley Weintraub. The chapters are titled: December 26, 1914; December 27, 1941; December 28, 1941. And here’s the summary, some favorite quotes, and a little extra history and inspiration. Continue reading

History Read-Along: Pearl Harbor Christmas, Chapters 1-3

Did your books arrive yet? We’re reading Chapters 1-3 which are called Prelude, En Route, and December 22, 1941 in our new read-along book by Stanley Weintraub, Pearl Harbor Christmas. 

Later this week (December 7) will mark the 77th anniversary since the attack on Pearl Harbor, the “day which will live in infamy,” the day that officially brought the United States into World War II and prompted a declaration of war from Congress. This history book that we’re reading helps us gain a better glimpse of the international situation and the private diplomacy and meetings that occurred between two Allied leaders over during Christmas 1941.

Here are the summaries, quotes, and notes for these first few chapters…  Continue reading

History Read-Along: Pearl Harbor Christmas

You’re cordially invited to join us for our holiday history read-along! Since our summer and autumn reading focused on World War II, we thought we’d finish the year with the same theme.

Our new book is non-fiction but not as daunting as Inferno. Just two hundred pages of large text and some photos, this book will focus on Christmas 1941 as Allied leaders Franklin D. Roosevelt and Winston Churchill met to discuss and decide on a war strategy while America reeled from Pearl Harbor and still sparkled with holiday lights.

Pearl Harbor Christmas: A World at War, December 1941 Continue reading

History Read-Along: Gunner’s Run, Chapters 29-31

It’s the final installment of our weekly read-along through the historical fiction novel Gunner’s Run by Rick Barry. Give us a vote in the comments if you prefer nonfiction or historical fiction read-alongs, and we’ll take your opinions into consideration as we plan for 2019!

We’re aware this post is one week overdue and send our apologies. Let’s just say, we hope your Thanksgiving was as wonderful as ours and when a loved one is home on military leave – that’s simply the most important. We’re aiming to get back on schedule and stay on schedule through the rest of the holiday season.

Even though this is the ending of the book, there are no major spoilers – just some historical details and facts from World War II.

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History Read-Along: Gunner’s Run, Chapters 18-21

Ready to head farther west on the escape journey in the historical novel Gunner’s Run? Author Rick Barry keeps the plot moving and the history hints coming in this section of the adventure story. No spoilers ahead – just some extra historical details about World War II.

Interesting, this section has hints and ties to World War I, the conflict that had wracked Europe just decades earlier. Did you know that the anniversary of the end of World War I is coming up on November 11? It’s been one hundred years this year (2018). Continue reading